Status of Medical Aid in Dying

The End-of-Life Options Act (SB 3499) would authorize medical aid in dying in Illinois. It was introduced in the Senate on 2/8/2024 by Assistant Majority Leader Linda Holmes. The legislation is summarized here.

In a 2023 poll, 71% of likely Illinois voters supported this compassionate legislation, and the majority of Illinois physicians also support this option.

Survey of Illinois Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Medical Aid in Dying as an End-of-Life Option

Illinois Legislative Campaign Overview

The Compassion & Choices Action Network Illinois team and the ACLU of Illinois partner in the Illinois End-of-Life Options Coalition. If you would like to get involved, please sign up here.

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Polling Data

Legislation to allow medical aid in dying, an option for mentally capable, terminally ill adults to peacefully end unbearable suffering, is supported by a wide majority of Illinois voters, regardless of political affiliation, disability, race, gender identity, age or religion.

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Illinois Stories

Latest Illinois News

In New Video, Illinois Mother Pleads with Legislators to Pass Medical Aid-in-Dying Bill to Honor Her Late SonSuzy Flack Urges Lawmakers to Pass Bill Supported by 7 out of 10 Illinoisans
May 9, 2024

A Chicago mother, Suzy Flack has recorded a Mother’s Day video to urge legislators in Illinois to pass medical aid-in-dying legislation as quickly as possible to honor her only son, Andrew ‘Drew’ Flack, who died from cancer. The video comes as Illinois legislators consider the End-of-Life Options for Terminally Ill Patients Act (SB 3499) which…

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Legislature to Consider Medical Aid-in-Dying Bill to Allow Terminally Ill Illinoisans to Pass Peacefully
February 12, 2024

Terminally Ill Illinoisans, Advocacy Groups Praise Bill to Allow Terminally Ill to Avoid Needless End-of-Life Suffering Terminally ill Illinoisans and advocacy groups praised lawmakers on Friday for introducing compassionate legislation that would allow mentally capable, terminally ill adults to have the option to get prescription medication to peacefully end unbearable suffering. Illinois residents who support the End…

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Living With Advanced Dementia
October 18, 2023

This piece was originally published by The Illinois Times on May 10, 2018. My grandmother, whom we called “Nana,” always loved children. Many times, she asked me to give her great-grandchildren. In 2000, the moment finally arrived. But it didn’t seem to matter. Eagerly, tenderly, I lay my newborn son in her arms. She sat motionless, her…

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Chicago Tribune: Commentary: The painful realities of getting old
September 25, 2023

An excerpt from the Chicago Tribune commentary, “The painful realities of getting old,” by Stephen J. Lyons, published September 16, 2023: “On the occasion of my mother-in-law’s 100th birthday, I asked for her thoughts as she contemplated a second century. ‘Keep your mind open and your mouth shut!’ she quickly replied. I disagreed with the latter part…

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Chicago Tribune: Letters to the editor: Medical aid in dying in Illinois
September 23, 2023

Excerpts from Chicago Tribune letters to the editor published September 23, 2023: Medical aid in dying in Illinois I was moved by author Stephen J. Lyons’ telling of his mother-in-law’s prolonged, agonizing death (“The painful realities of getting old,” Sept. 16) and the powerful case he made for why Illinois lawmakers should introduce and pass a medical aid-in-dying…

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