Learn about Compassion & Choices activities and what’s happening in the end-of-life care movement through features, personal stories of those dealing with end of life, national updates, and advocacy in action.

Meet Dr. Chandana Banerjee, C&C board member on the frontlines of clinical equity, read about Wooden Nickels, the mixed-reality play about end-of-life planning, dive deeper into our Dementia Tools and so much more in this issue.

Learn about our path to victory in New Mexico, we profile Alabama lawmaker Rep. Laura Hall who is prioritizing end-of-life planning in the African American community, hear from Diane Rehm and her journey to open up the conversation around death, and Five Questions for screenwriter and producer Judith Auberjonois.

We look at the captivating depiction of life’s end through
the lens of centuries of artists; Compassion & Choices unveils our exciting newly commissioned song about personal empowerment and autonomy; Learn about our successful Signature Event; and our outlook for federal and state legislation in 2021.

Actor James Naughton, who is advocating for medical aid in dying in his home state of Connecticut, sits down for our Five Questions series, Kim Callinan forecasts what’s in store for the movement, Civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. discusses ensuring better outcomes for Black Americans, and much more.

Dr. Jeff Gardere considers end-of-life issues from a clinical, ethical and spiritual perspective; we find new ways of connecting amid the pandemic; and faith leaders strengthen our movement.

In this issue, we take a look at end-of-life perspectives across generations, sit down with actress Anna Camp, highlight our constituency work and much more!

We interview Dan Diaz about his work to honor the legacy of his late wife, Brittany Maynard, who transformed our movement and changed the national conversation about end-of-life options with her story. We also provide you with a preview of our free online tools that support patients with dementia, and speak with Executive Volunteer Evan Pulvers about her pioneering work to build a medical aid-in-dying training program for resident physicians.

Compassion & Choices celebrates the New Jersey Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act passing out of the state legislature and heading to Governor Murphy’s desk, introduce our multi-state, bilingual campaign with Civil Rights icon Dolores Huerta “End-of-Life Options for ALL” and Barbara Coombs Lee shares an excerpt from her her book Finish Strong: Putting YOUR Priorities First at Life’s End. 

For the Fall 2018 issue, we celebrate the passage of medical aid in dying in Hawai‘i, our new five-year strategic plan, and the legal battle over the California End of Life Option Act. Our feature this month is five questions for actor and activist Mauricio Ochmann.

In this issue, our new CEO Kim Callinan introduces her vision, our new Dementia Initiative and we speak with Dr. Haider Warraich, an author, physician, and C&C’s newest board member.

In this issue, we explore the impact that Jorge Ramos has made with Latino media, California one year after the passage of the End of Life Option Act and how we’re changing the healthcare system from the inside out.

In this issue, we explore what’s next for Colorado after passing the End of life Options Act and share five questions with Peter Yarrow.

In this issue, we include our 2016 Annual Report, share information about hospice and five questions with Miss Norma, an ambassador for quality of life over quantity.

In this issue, we discuss the fight for patient’s rights in the Supreme Court and share five questions with Susan Nimoy.

In this issue, we share an excerpt of Diane Rehm’s new book, bringing end-of-life issues to Capitol Hill and five questions with Gail Sheehy, author & journalist.

In this issue, we celebrate California passing the End of Life Option Act, share our annual report and five questions with Dolores Huerta, esteemed labor leader and civil rights activist.

In this issue, we share how to get honest end-of-life answers, expanding campaigns across the country and five questions with Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. 

In this issue, we discuss Brittany Maynard’s legacy, the growth of the end-of-life choice movement and five questions with Diane Rehm, NPR host and author.

In this issue, we explore Brittany Maynard’s brave campaign, share our 2014 Annual Report and five questions with Patrick Stewart.

In this issue, we discuss outsmarting dementia and share five questions with Olympia Dukakis.

In this issue, we celebrate the dismissal of the case against Barbara Mancini, late activist Dustin Hankinson writes as a person with disabilities who wants the option to medical aid in dying and five questions with author Katy Butler.

In this issue, we celebrate bringing expanded end-of-life options to New Mexico, introduce our ending Unwanted Medical Treatment program and five questions with Emmy award winner Dick Cavett.

In this issue, we offer advice about how to start the end-of-life discussion while gathering with family over the holidays, a DNR supporter shares his story and five questions with Dr. Dean Edell.

In this issue, we speak with Dr. Katherine Morris about her involvement with the Sundance award winning documentary How to Die in Oregon, futile or harmful treatment at the end of life and five questions with Montel Williams.

This issue features the 2012 Annual Report and five questions with Florence Henderson.

In this issue, we profile Plaintiff Aja Riggs who bravely stepped up to fight for expanded end-of-life options in her home state of New Mexico, highlights from the 2012 C&C conference and five questions with Dear Abby.