As an organization operating in multiple states with thousands of active volunteers, Compassion & Choices relies on dedicated leaders and advisors to coordinate its outreach and shape its direction.

Senior Leadership

The senior leadership of Compassion & Choices includes staff with expertise in a range of issues including financial, budget and organizational management, legal advocacy, medicine and health care, communications and marketing, political advocacy, development, compliance, diversity, equity and inclusion and policy and program development.

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Board of Directors

A distinguished Board of Directors brings a broad range of expertise spanning the non-profit, for-profit and academic sectors. Through regular meetings and ongoing discussion, the Board provides strategic counsel and ongoing operational guidance as the movement to empower end of life choices continues to evolve.

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The entire Compassion & Choices community is heartbroken that Jaren Ducker, our board treasurer, died on December 14, 2018.  Read our tribute to her here.

Strategic Impact Committee

The Strategic Impact Committee is comprised of a diverse group of advocates, community leaders and volunteers, and medical professionals who are committed to Compassion & Choices’ fundamental principle that patients should be the primary deciders in their end-of-life care. The committee’s expertise and first-hand experiences helped Compassion & Choices create an innovative and forward-looking strategic plan. The committee will guide the plan’s implementation over the next 5 years.

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African American Leadership Council

The visibility of end-of life-options among the African American community is historically low. Compassion & Choices’ African American Leadership Council is taking an active role in changing that, by engaging with organizations that speak to and for African Americans, bringing greater diversity to our volunteer base and sharing the experiences of African Americans facing end-of-life issues.

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Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) Leadership Council

The AANHPI Leadership Council shares their perspectives, experiences and expertise to help us understand what end-of-life choice means to our communities — for example, changing perceptions of hospice and palliative care — and help us strategize ways to elevate the importance of community and culture at the end of life.

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Latino Leadership Council

The nation’s growing Latino population is underrepresented in the movement to empower end of life choices. The Latino Leadership Council helps Compassion & Choices reach out to Latino leaders and constituents, address language and cultural barriers to understanding, recruit Latino volunteers and storytellers, develop culturally relevant materials and educate the Latino media.

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Healthcare Advisory Council

The Healthcare Advisory Council is a group of prominent professionals covering an interdisciplinary spectrum of the healthcare community from across the country. They offer council and serve as liaisons to their medical community networks on matters related to end-of-life care, including medical aid in dying.

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Dementia Advisory Panel

The Dementia Advisory panel represents a cross-section of advocates, community leaders and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to a multi-year vision of achieving legal recognition and acceptance within the medical profession that a mentally capable person can document their preference to forgo unwanted care and treatment to allow for a natural death.

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