This Is Your Show Credits

Music and Lyrics

Andrew Beall and Evan McCormack


Andrew Beall


Carmen Ruby Floyd

Harlem Gospel Choir

Manager - Anna Bailey Music Director - TJ Walker Choir - Julian Summers, Darrean Van Zandt, Kaira Hassell, Carolyn Clyne, Christine Stevens, Torrence Nelson, Courtney Thorpe, Craig Stagg


Piano, Keyboard - Jim Lowe Flute, Sop Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax - Kristy Norter Ukulele, Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar - Tom Monkell Bass - Ryan Majoris Drums - Calvin Rodgers Djembe - Mike Ramsey Music Director, Percussion - Andrew Beall Violins, Viola - Arthur Dibble Cello - Diana Golden Whistle - Evan McCormack Additional Vocals - Evan McCormack, Jen O'Neill


Produced by Andrew Beall, Evan McCormack, Matthias Winter Engineered and Mixed by Matthias Winter Mastering by Michael Fossenkemper Recorded and Mixed at: Yellow Sound Lab, NYC (November, 2020), Michael Croiter, Executive Producer Mastering at Turtletone Mastering Videography, Photography: Eric Alexander Video Design: David Grossman, Columbia Road Media Song Consultants: Kimberly Callinan, Bonnie Lawhorn, Tom Quash, Jonathan Patterson, DWhit, Richard Grimes

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