Hanna Olivas

Hanna Olivas, mother and grandmother living with multiple myeloma, is advocating for the option of medical aid in dying in her home state of Nevada.

"I have incurable cancer, but death does not scare me. My biggest fear is dying painfully in a horrific way."

The following excerpt is from an op-ed titled, Legislation would support my wish to die peacefully, by Hanna Olivas that first appeared in the Las Vegas Sun on April 15, 2019.

This strong Latina wants to live. That is why my husband, Jerry, and I drive to UCLA Medical Center twice a month from our home in Las Vegas. But when our Lord calls me, I do not want to be connected to machines, catheters and tubes that will cause more pain in my spine, bones, body, nausea and vomiting that only debilitate my relatively young 44-year-old body.

I want to die peacefully, surrounded by my husband and our two sons, two daughters and precious grandchildren holding my hand in prayer.

My family’s world came to halt in August 2017, when doctors gave the pain in my bones a name: multiple myeloma, a rare and incurable type of blood cancer.

Treatment started immediately. So did body aches, vomiting and the nausea that only made me sicker every day. Last year, I had to stop treatment after only five rounds of chemotherapy because of the damage it caused my kidneys and liver.

Click here to read the rest of Hanna’s op-ed.

The following is Hanna’s interview with Telemundo News: Crece Movimiento Por El Derecho A Una Muerte Digna

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