Hanna Olivas is a 44-year-old Nevadan mother of four who has multiple myeloma and breast cancer. She was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer, which there is no cure for, in August 2017 and was told she would be lucky to live 5 years.

Hanna travels with her husband, Jerry, to UCLA Medical Center twice per month to receive the treatment she needs. Unfortunately, after only five rounds of chemotherapy Hanna had to stop receiving chemotherapy because it was damaging her liver and kidneys. At this point, doctors are researching Hanna’s best course of action for treatment.

Hanna’s biggest fear is dying painfully in a horrific way. Her hope is that she can die peacefully surrounded by her husband and their two sons, two daughters and precious grandchildren holding her hand in prayer.

She is relieved to know that legislators in Nevada are considering a bill that would honor the autonomy of terminally ill people to decide how and when they die, when death is inevitable.

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