Future Doctors Speak on the Future of End-of-Life Care

March 19, 2024

“By the time I’m caring for someone, honored to care for someone at the end of life, you’re peeling away at an onion, so many layers of doubt and frustration, of anger, mistrust that often times the ability to really receive that full beauty of comfort care and end of life care, is not really cup filled. It’s portions, it’s in fragments. So how do we tie those two ropes together?” – Dr. Sonja Richmond

Recently, Compassion & Choices hosted a panel of future doctors who spoke about the issues felt by African American patients, families and communities in the medical community. The webinar featured a panel of soon-to-be Student National Medical Association (SNMA) doctors who shared their perspectives on creating a more inclusive and equitable future for end-of-life care, focusing on the unique needs and experiences of African American individuals and their families. Our long-standing National Medical Director, Dr. Sonja Richmond, hosted this webinar, has done profound work in the palliative and medical aid-in-dying fields.

Our team had the pleasure of hosting panelists Sydney Reed, Caylon Pettis and D’Monte Farley. During the event, the panelists recounted their personal experiences of watching a loved one pass away and the significance of making the final journey home as a thoughtful and empowering occasion. It was apparent throughout the discussion that planning is key to a patient’s sense of empowerment, and doctors should be knowledgeable about end-of-life care to assist their patients better.

“We need to start having this education early on in our medical schools, in our residencies, regardless of what area of medicine you decide to practice in.” 

Dr. Richmond’s words again ring true, after watching this informative and touching seminar, viewers will better understand the importance of self-advocacy and pursuing self-empowerment. Viewers will also better understand that end-of-life care is a normal part of medical care without distant and frightening associations. You can discuss, understand, learn and become empowered anytime. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a community advocate or someone curious to engage in meaningful dialogue, we invite you to enjoy this webinar’s valuable insights. You can find the full video here.

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