Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

May 27, 2021

Compassion & Choices is dedicated to inviting diverse perspectives to the table and seeking to engage with varied demographics. This includes our faith outreach efforts to Jewish communities. 

Across the country, conversations are being held about how to navigate the landscape of death and dying in the Jewish faith. Each denomination of Judaism has a unique perspective on end-of-life care. Earlier this month, Compassion & Choices Action Team leaders Susan Johnston and Steph Campbell spoke at an event held by the National Council of Jewish Women to discuss “How to Access the California End of Life Option Act.” 

Compassion & Choices works with Jewish faith leaders in Illinois, California, Maryland, Massachusetts and other states to reach more members of the Jewish community, foster fellowship and share end-of-life care resources. 

Rabbi Elias Lieberman of the Falmouth Jewish Congregation is a leading voice in the efforts to authorize medical aid in dying in Massachusetts. “As a person of faith, I respect the fact that others may have deeply held beliefs rooted in their faith traditions about suffering and end-of-life choices. They would be free under the End of Life Options Act to make choices in keeping with their beliefs. But no one’s belief should override the choices of others when it comes to the most fundamental and meaningful decisions about what we must endure if we are terminally ill and experiencing unbearable suffering.”

In Maryland, Floyd L. Herman, rabbi emeritus of Har Sinai Congregation in Baltimore said, “While we treasure life, there comes a time when the compassionate thing to do is to allow terminally ill people to peacefully end their suffering.” He continued, “Terminally ill people already have the right to refuse treatment and this option just allows them to end their suffering more quickly.”

In June, Rabbi Alan Cook of Sinai Temple of Champaign-Urbana in Champaign, Illinois will participate in a faith leaders event about end-of-life planning and preparation. The event will be a forum for faith leaders to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities they have to educate and empower their congregants to chart their end-of-life journeys. 

Are you a faith leader? Join our efforts to give everyone an end-of-life experience based on their values and priorities here.

Faith leaders may also RSVP for our June faith leaders event here.

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