Case Type: State Cases

Kligler, et al. v. Healey, et al.

Litigation: Filed October 24, 2016 Roger Kligler, a retired physician in Falmouth, Massachusetts, has lived with prostate cancer for two decades. As a doctor himself, Roger dealt firsthand with cancer [...]
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Ahn, et al. v Hestrin

Compassion & Choices’ Legal Advocacy has fought tirelessly to protect California’s End of Life Option Act, which took effect on June 9, 2016. Just one day before the law was [...]
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In the Matter of Romero

Compassion & Choices successfully represented Ana Romero, the widow of Juan Fernando Romero, when Juan’s family sued to take away Ana’s authority to make healthcare decisions for her husband. In [...]
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Radcliffe v. Hawai‘i

John Radcliffe, a resident of Honolulu, Hawai’i, was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. John wanted the option to receive a prescription for medical aid in dying in the event that [...]
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Hooker v. Slatery

John Jay Hooker was an attorney and well known activist in Nashville, Tennessee. When John Jay was diagnosed with terminal metastatic melanoma in 2015, he began fighting to access medical [...]
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O’Donnell v. Harris

On May 15, 2015, Compassion & Choices filed suit on behalf of three Californians with terminal or advanced diseases and a physician asserting that the California Constitution and existing state [...]
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Hallada v. Lakeland Regional Medical Center

Marjorie Mangiaruca, an Alzheimer’s patient, repeatedly told her daughter that “she would not want to have a prolonged death, or to have her life extended by any artificial means, including [...]
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Blick v. Connecticut

Doctors Gary Blick and Ronald Levine are physicians in Connecticut who desired to provide medical aid in dying to their terminally ill, mentally competent patients who had requested it. Unfortunately, [...]
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Baxter v. Montana

Compassion & Choices was instrumental in establishing Montana as the first state to authorize medical aid in dying through a court challenge. Robert Baxter and Steven Stoelb were two terminally [...]
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