Thank you for your interest in Compassion & Choices and improving end-of-life care.
As we discussed, Compassion & Choices is the nation’s oldest, largest and most active
nonprofit organization committed to improving care and expanding options for the
end of life.

Our core mission is to support, educate and empower healthcare consumers to
demand the best possible end-of-life care that respects patients’ autonomy. Our
legislative agenda includes, but is not limited to, advocating for laws allowing mentally
capable, terminally ill adults to have the option of medical aid in dying to peacefully
end intolerable suffering when no other option will provide relief for it.

The work we do includes ensuring access to medical aid in dying for those who qualify
in the 10 authorized jurisdictions across the country: Oregon, Washington, Montana,
Vermont, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C.,, Hawai’i, New Jersey and Maine.
Authorization of medical aid in dying in these states now affords the option to more
than 1 in 5 people nationwide.