Compassion & Choices is the nation’s oldest, largest and most active nonprofit working to improve care and expand options for the end of life. For more than 40 years we have sought to change attitudes, practices and policies so that everyone can access the information and care they need. Compassion & Choices is committed to collaborating with legislators from every state and political party who seek to honor their constituents by engaging in this mission with us.

Table of Contents


Support for the End-of-Life Options Movement

How to Talk About Medical Aid in Dying

Chapter 1: Communicating With Your Legislators and the Media

Key Message Points to Include in All Communications

Writing a Letter to the Editor

Commenting Online

Writing Letters to Lawmakers

Chapter 2: Petitions, Tabling and Canvassing

Petitions: Grassroots Activism 101

Tabling: Bringing Medical Aid-in-Dying Issues to the Community

Canvassing: Taking the Show on the Road

Chapter 3: Basic Lobbying

Step One: Writing Letters to Public Officials

Step Two: Preparing for a Legislative Meeting

Step Three: Appearing at a Legislative Committee Hearing

Step Four: Holding a Lobby Day

Chapter 4: Passing a Local Resolution

Do Your Research

What Is a Local Resolution?

Getting a Local Resolution Passed

Chapter 5: Holding a “How to Die in Oregon” Screening

What Do I Need to Host a Screening?

How Much of the Film Should I Show?

Managing the Conversation

Follow Up

Chapter 6: Holding a House Party

Host Commitments

Getting People to Your Party

Creating Your Invitation

Selecting a Presentation/Discussion Topic

Hosting a Remote Speaker

Screening a Video

Running Your House Party

Making the Ask for Support

After the Event

Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting a House Party