The LGBT Outreach Toolkit and Resource Guide contains valuable educational materials and practical tools to advance the end-of-life choice movement. This guide helps Compassion & Choices staff and volunteers conduct effective outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals across the nation.

The aging baby boomer generation is considered to have the largest number of openly LGBT people in U.S. history. As this generation ages, end-of-life concerns will continue to grow as a topic of importance. Aging can be particularly difficult for members of the LGBT community. Estranged family situations, under-recognition of LGBT relationships and unequal treatment under the law are just some of the additional challenges that people in nontraditional relationships can face at the end of life. It is critical that LGBT patients have a legal framework to discuss all healthcare options, including end-of-life issues and choices, with their physicians and healthcare providers.

The LGBT community is already one of the most supportive aid-in-dying constituency groups in the country, with current studies indicating over 90% support for aid in dying. Now it is important to leverage that support by heightening awareness of end-of-life issues that limit individual care options and steps patients can take to ensure their choices for end-of-life care and dying are honored. Contained within are tools and resources to help you start the conversation with LGBT individuals, their families, their communities, their healthcare providers and others they turn to for support.

We hope that you will find the resources helpful in your educational efforts and use them to better serve LGBT individuals and their families – in ways that honor and respect their wishes.

Click here to download the toolkit.