Compassion & Choices President and CEO Kim Callinan joins a group of talented authors in an empowering guide. In Plan A Life You Love: A Women's Guide to Health, Wealth and Happiness Without Limitation, authors walk you step-by-step how to craft a life filled with happiness and fulfillment. In her chapter, “Wisdom From the Brink: Lessons to Live a More Meaningful Life,” Kim shares her learnings from years of discussions with Compassion & Choices terminally ill advocates at the end of their lives. Their valuable lessons speak to all of us. 

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  • Hanna Olivas
Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of She Rises Studios.
  • Kim Callinan
President and CEO of Compassion & Choices
  • Lena Khais
Director, Communications Governance at Aetna
  • Sylvia Becker-Hill
Neuroplastician, Executive Coach, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Painting Artist, Diversity & Inclusion Activist, Women's Empowerment Mentor
  • Prudence Hatchett
Owner of PH Counseling, LLC
  • Sheree Wertz
Experienced Oral Health Coach, Dental Hygienist and Educator Changing the world one Smile at a time!
  • Stephanie Dauble
Managing Director, Digital Creative at Verizon
  • Bethany Klaco
  • MP Montigny
  • Trish Gleason
Product Manager, Meta

About Kim Callinan's Chapter

Wisdom From the Brink: Lessons to Live a More Meaningful Life

By Kim Callinan, President and CEO, Compassion & Choices

In her compelling chapter, "Wisdom From the Brink: Lessons for Living a More Meaningful Life," Kim Callinan, President and CEO of Compassion & Choices, distills tangible lessons from her direct work with terminally ill advocates. Supported by evidence-based research on happiness, Callinan presents a powerful exploration into living life intentionally and without fear. Her insights offer readers practical strategies for embracing a life of meaningful impact, inspired by those who face their mortality with courage and purpose. This chapter challenges us to transform our approach to daily life, urging us to adopt a bold, focused perspective that maximizes every moment. By integrating solid research with real-life examples, Callinan motivates and equips us to consider our desired legacy, ensuring that each day contributes purposefully to a lasting impact.

Compassion & Choices President and CEO Kim Callinan
Compassion & Choices President and CEO

Kim Callinan

Kim Callinan is an accomplished non-profit leader, motivational speaker, and expert in organizational management, cultural intelligence, and end-of-life care. With over 30 years of experience, she has been instrumental in initiating integrated campaigns for social change. Her leadership of Compassion & Choices, the nation's premier non-profit organization advocating for patient-directed end-of-life care, exemplifies her ability to inspire and motivate others toward working collectively to realize meaningful change.

As a prominent figure in the end-of-life care movement, Kim presents at conferences, community events, legislative hearings, and policy briefings. Her unique experiences with individuals courageously facing their mortality have profoundly shaped her perspective. These encounters, marked by intentionality and resilience, underscore the importance of embracing life's transient nature and preparing for its conclusion. Kim's dedication to sharing these insights forms the core of her work.
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