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Two Movements Deeply Intertwined

Michael Farmer pictured here (right) with his husband Boyd

Michael Farmer pictured here (right) with his husband Boyd and their dogs in a photo from their wedding in May of 2016. Photo credit Jenna Michele Photography.

In June we observe LGBTQ pride month as a way of celebrating the great strides made in terms of equality for LGBTQ people, to honor the struggle that brought us here and perhaps most importantly in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots which launched the LGBTQ rights movement in New York City in 1969. 

The movement for LGBTQ civil rights and equality is not just about marriage equality, on a deeper level it is about something much more than that; it is about bodily autonomy, having the option to choose your own destiny, and the ability to live your life according to your values.  

These principles are the same that lie at the core of the movement for end-of-life options and Compassion & Choices’ work and that is why so many LGBTQ people have been engaged in the aid-in-dying movement since it began.  

In this pride month, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I am thankful to work for an organization with such a proud history of LGBTQ leadership and engagment.