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The Salem News Letter to the Editor: ‘Death with dignity’ a humane option

An excerpt from The Salem News letter to the editor by Marblehead resident Diane Bourgeois, “‘Death with dignity’ a humane option,” published March 1, 2020:

Thanks for the great letter on Feb. 21 by Chip Ford titled “Death with dignity restores personal liberty.” After watching how much my father suffered before he died last year, my family and I wanted to join the call for the Legislature to pass The “End of Life Options Act.”…

…Hospice services were wonderful for my father, but unfortunately were unable to relieve his extreme pain he experienced at the end of his life. He once told me he would never want to go out like this and if at all possible would want to end his suffering before it became unbearable.

There are just too many similar situations occurring every day around the country, and that’s why my family and I are speaking out for passage of these laws that offer people the option of a humane, peaceful and painless death in their sleep after self-administering a medication prescribed by their doctor.