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The Daily News of Newburyport: Letter: Supports the End of Life Options Act

An excerpt from The Daily News of Newburyport letter to the editor, “Supports the End of Life Options Act,” by West Newbury resident Paula Breger, published September 9, 2020:

I’m writing to express my support for the End of Life Options Act (H.4782/S.2745), and I urge its passage by the Massachusetts Legislature when it reconvenes this month in special session.

Despite the availability of hospice and palliative care services, in too many cases people still die in great pain and unrelieved suffering.

Terminally ill residents of Massachusetts should have the option to make end-of-life care decisions that are right for them and that align with their values, priorities and beliefs.

This “death with dignity” bill would help terminally ill individuals avoid pain and suffering, frustration and loss of dignity. Nine other states and the District of Columbia have already passed similar legislation.