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The Daily Hampshire Gazette: Guest column: Elders support death with dignity

An excerpt from The Daily Hampshire Gazette guest column, “Elders support death with dignity,” published May 29, 2020:


“We know full well that our lawmakers need to do all they can to ease the medical and economic pain of the COVID-19 crisis for our citizens. But we believe they could also provide relief from suffering for many people who are terminally ill with other diseases, like cancer, and are facing extreme pain at the end of their life. These two priorities are not mutually exclusive …

“We’re grateful for the gift of our very long and satisfying lives, but we don’t want our ending to be filled with such suffering, frustration and loss of dignity. That’s why we attended the public hearing on the bill [End of Life Options Act], held last June at the Statehouse by the Joint Committee on Public Health, and offered our testimony, along with many others …

“We urge readers to contact your state legislators…and ask them to support H.1926 and S.1208 [End of Life Options Act] by passing it…in the [2020] session.”