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The Berkshire Eagle Letter to the Editor: State must pass Death With Dignity Law

An excerpt from The Berkshire Eagle letter to the editor by great Barrington resident Linda Baxter, “State must pass Death With Dignity Law,” published March 5, 2020:

I’m writing to urge support for the passage of the bill called The End of Life Options Act currently under consideration in our state Legislature. It does not mandate anything, but simply gives people an option for compassionate medical aid.

Also known as the Death with Dignity law, it would help many people whose final days might otherwise be filled with extreme pain and suffering. Hospice and palliative care are wonderful services, but in too many cases they can’t prevent all the physical and emotional suffering experienced by some people.

I support this Death with Dignity law because I have seen family members suffer and receive unpleasant medical interventions (like breathing tubes) that they never wanted. I would like to make my own decisions when that time comes. Maine and New Jersey just passed similar laws last year. Vermont did so seven years ago. New York and Maryland are looking very likely to pass their bills by the summer…