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Telegram & Gazette: Letter: End of Life Options Act must be passed before July 31

An excerpt from the Telegram & Gazette letter to the editor, “ End of Life Options Act must be passed before July 31,” by Warren resident Carol Mays, published June 19, 2020:


“With the COVID-19 pandemic, the subject of death has been brought into the forefront of public discourse. However, for those of us working on behalf of the End of Life Options Act (H.1926), the knowledge and concern that many people routinely die a painful death has long been with us.

I was glad to read in Dr. Willa Kahn’s letter to the T&G on June 12 that the Legislature’s Public Health Committee passed this bill on May 29 by a substantial majority.

So far nine states and the District of Columbia have passed bills similar to H.1926, which seeks to give the terminally ill more control over how much pain they are willing to accept. Although considerable safeguards are built into the bill, the intent is that a little bit of hope and control can remain with the person even at the end of life….”