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South Jersey Journal Oped about Tina Turner Bravely Discussing End-of-Life Care

Brandi Alexander, Compassion & Choices National Constituency Director

Brandi Alexander, Compassion & Choices national director of constituency, writes in an op-ed published in the May 15 South Jersey Journal, “As a spiritual African American, I can relate to death being a transition. However, whether we believe in homeopathic remedies, traditional medicine, refusal of treatment, life sustaining measures or medical aid in dying, we all can learn from Tina Turner’s experience.”

Brandi quoted the legendary singer’s essay that she courageously wrote for the Daily Mail last October out about her near death experience: “I began to think about death If my kidneys were going, and it was time for me to die, I could accept that. It was OK. When it’s time, it’s really time.”

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