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Sentinel & Enterprise Letter to the Editor: State Rep. Hay urges Legislature to adopt ‘End of Life Options’ bill

An excerpt from Sentinel & Enterprise letter to the editor by Massachusetts State Representative Stephan Hay (3rd Worcester), “State Rep. Hay urges Legislature to adopt ‘End of Life Options’ bill,” published March 5, 2020:

…My understanding is that despite the best efforts of hospice and palliative care, as many as 25% of Americans die with extreme and unrelieved pain.

The medical community as a whole recognizes this. That’s why two years ago the Massachusetts Medical Society voted to change its longstanding official opposition to medical aid in dying and adopted a new position of “engaged neutrality.” The MMS found that a majority of their members support patients having the right to access “End of Life Options” if they become available in our state.

I believe that what this bill does is offer individuals choices of end-of-life options. That is all…