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Santa Fe New Mexican: Commentary: My father suffered; others should not have to

An excerpt from the Santa Fe New Mexican commentary, “My father suffered; others should not have to,” by Albuquerque resident Jorge Otero, published February 10, 2021:

“In 2018, I watched my dad suffer horribly while a very aggressive cancer devoured him.

He was going through excruciating pain in his back and bones. He told me he wished there was something he could take to make it all go away. In less than four weeks, we went from celebrating Dad’s 79th birthday to mourning his painful death from cancer.

Dad was a hard worker and devout Catholic to the very end. Most importantly, he was a loving husband, father and grandpa.

I am relieved to know that New Mexico lawmakers are once again considering a bill that would allow terminally ill, mentally capable adults the option to die peacefully. The Elizabeth Whitefield End–of-Life Options Act would allow terminally ill New Mexican adults the option to make the end-of-life care decisions that are right for them. One of these options would be the right to request a doctor’s prescription for medication they can decide to take to die peacefully if their suffering becomes intolerable. The bill would also allow Advanced Practice Registered Nurses with independent authority to prescribe controlled substances to prescribe aid-in-dying medication…

Let’s come together as a familia to honor my dad’s memory. Join me by urging lawmakers in New Mexico to pass the Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act in 2021. Other New Mexicans should not be forced to suffer the way my dad did.”