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Psychology Today: “5 Questions to Help You Live Your Best Life to the End”

“I’m fascinated by the power of questions to help people grapple with tough issues. And what could be tougher than contemplating the end of your life (even if you don’t know when that might be)? Can questions help us deal with that off-putting topic?

It may be harder than it sounds. Societal norms discourage death talk, and people hold deep prejudices against speaking openly about the end of life. Even those able to accept the idea of death are often more preoccupied with putting their financial affairs in order and making arrangements for their remains. People rarely make the time to consider how to navigate skillfully through the process of decline, and this omission has unfortunate consequences.

The following questions are adapted from the new book Finish Strong: Putting Your Priorities First at Life’s End by Barbara Coombs Lee, a former nurse and physician assistant turned national end-of-life options advocate in her role as president of Compassion & Choices.”

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