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Kingston Daily Freeman: Letter: Medical Aid in Dying Act delay will prolong suffering

An excerpt from the Daily Freeman letter to the editor, “Medical Aid in Dying Act delay will prolong suffering,” by Compassion & Choices Senior Campaign Director Corinne Carey, published December 8, 2020:

“I’m encouraged that Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston, supports ‘the concept’ of medical aid in dying, but dismayed that he wants to delay for ‘the matter [to be] fully studied first by the state DOH [Department of Health] commissioner.’…

Unfortunately, his proposed study bill is redundant and unnecessary given the body of evidence about medical aid in dying from the last two decades. It will serve only to prolong suffering…

Experience and data from these 10 jurisdictions answers every one of Assemblyman Cahill’s study questions…

The Medical Aid in Dying Act has nearly zero budget implications, overwhelming public support, strong support among New York physicians and appropriate safeguards… Lawmakers have all the facts they need today. Now, they need to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act.”