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FingerLakes1: Growing support across NYS for Medical Aid in Dying Act

An excerpt from FingerLake1’s interview with Compassion & Choices Senior Campaign Director for New York and New Jersey Corinne Carey, “Growing support across NYS for Medical Aid in Dying Act,” published Feb. 21, 2020:


Compassion & Choices, a non-profit organization has been coordinating to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act that will be voted upon in Albany this spring.

New York Campaign Director Corinne Carey connected with to speak about her organization’s mobilization of the legislation within the Empire State…

In response to a previous story regarding the 2020 New York State Bishops’ Conference Public Policy Weekend, Carey sought to address the opposition’s arguments head-on.

“These are the same exact arguments that were made in 1994 before any state had ever passed a medical aid and dying law, you know, a quarter of a century later and none of the fears that opponents brought up in 1994 have ever come to pass. We have now nine states plus Washington, D.C. that have approved these laws. They’ve been studied. Study after study after study has shown that there is absolutely no risk of coercion, misuse or abuse of these laws, vis-à-vis vulnerable populations,” Carey said.

As for the Catholic Church itself, she strongly believes that the church has no authority over how the state should act when considering policy initiatives.

Carey questioned, “Why should Catholic leaders in the state be telling the rest of the state who may not share their beliefs? Why should they get to tell everyone else what their options are?”

“The Catholic Church can believe whatever it wants. It can teach its congregants, whatever it wants and when this bill passes, absolutely nothing changes for the Catholic Church, or for its congregants. Nothing changes,” Carey continued.