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Congratulating Columnist Jim Shaw

Our hearty congratulations go to columnist Jim Shaw, who recently won a reader poll as Best Newspaper Columnist as part of InForum’s Best of the Red River Valley. The Valley encompasses parts of Minnesota and North Dakota, including the cities of Moorhead, Fargo and Grand Forks.

Over the past year, Jim has written eloquently and informatively about the topic of Medical Aid in Dying as Minnesota legislators considered the state’s End of Life Option Act. 

From his November 2, 2019 column “Choosing Death with Dignity”:

A bill in front of the Minnesota Legislature, called the End-of-Life-Option Act, would give dying patients a real choice. A patient who has less than six months to live, has been examined by at least two physicians, and is determined to have a sound mind, could choose to take a pill to end his or her life at that time… What’s the point of forcing a miserable terminally ill person to stay alive for a few extra weeks or months? It’s time to give those people a choice. It’s time to end the needless suffering.

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