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Compassion & Choices’ Kim Callinan Featured in Article on End-of-Life Options in The Age of COVID-19

Compassion & Choices CEO Kim Callinan was featured in a recent article in the online publication Seattle Post Alley. Reporter and columnist Floyd McKay examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected access to medical aid in dying, palliative and hospice care and other end-of-life options:

“We may be entering a new chapter of the ‘Good Death’ book as a result of the demands of the coronavirus and the price paid overwhelmingly by the old, the sick, and non-white—and their families and caregivers.

“ ‘COVID-19 is very likely to have a very significant effect,’ on how Americans face end-of-life decisions, says Kim Callinan, CEO of Compassion & Choices, the largest national organization dealing with end-of-life decisions.’ These isolated painful deaths have created a far greater awareness of people’s lives, particularly with the drama of media awareness.’ Callinan tells me she expects more attention to end-of-life directives that support less-drastic interventions and call for compassionate options that involve family members, often in the home of the stricken.”

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