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Albuquerque Journal Guest Column: There are many safeguards in NM’s aid-in-dying legislation

An excerpt from the Albuquerque Journal guest column, “There are many safeguards in NM’s aid-in-dying legislation,” by Rep. Debbie Armstrong, Chair, House Health And Human Services Committee, and Sen. Liz Stefanics, Chair, Senate Conservation Committee; both sponsors Of The Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act, published January 24, 2021:

“House Bill 47 is a bill that a majority of New Mexicans support as part of the right to self-determination regarding health care decisions for terminally ill patients at the end of life.

The End of Life Options Act will authorize medical aid in dying so New Mexico will join nine other states and the District of Columbia in offering dying patients who reside in New Mexico the opportunity for a peaceful death if their end-of-life suffering becomes unbearable…

For well over two decades now, as this law has been implemented in Oregon and other states, there has never been a case of fraud, coercion or misdeeds under these laws. Instead, dying patients who choose this option will most likely self-administer the medication at home, surrounded by family and friends…

Medical aid in dying offers peace of mind and a measure of control at the end of life that allows many people to live fully through serious illness, knowing they will not need to suffer beyond what they can bear.”