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Albuquerque Journal Guest Column: As a doctor, I believe death should not be gut-wrenching

An excerpt from the Albuquerque Journal guest column, “As a doctor, I believe death should not be gut-wrenching,” by Deming resident Dr. Diana L. Bell, published January 26, 2021:

“As a retired physician, I have seen birth, and I have seen death. The first is typically joyful, and the latter is invariably sad. But death need not be a gut-wrenching experience for an individual or his family…

Perhaps you believe that it is up to God to determine the exact moment of death. That is your choice. But that is not my choice. When God has determined that my end is fast-approaching and when I have received all that life offers, including the final lessons and the pain, I think I will be ready to move on…

Medical assistance in dying legislation allows certain terminally ill patients to legally and voluntarily hasten their deaths with the assistance of medical professionals and drugs. One-fifth of the states in our country allow this as a result of legislative action, judicial ruling or ballot initiative. Seven in 10 Americans believe medical aid in dying is a right they should have…

The day may come when you will opt for a death with dignity. Make sure this is a right you can pursue in our state by contacting your state legislators today. A change in policy doesn’t happen unless we demand the change.”