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Albuquerque Journal Editorial: Lawmakers’ plates are filled with weighty issues; it’s time to be sure they do no harm

An excerpt from the Albuquerque Journal editorial, “Lawmakers’ plates are filled with weighty issues; it’s time to be sure they do no harm,” by the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board, published February 28, 2021:

“Medical-aid-in-dying legislation could be the most heart-wrenching legislation before lawmakers this session. Living through the prolonged death of a loved one with a terminal illness is a tough topic to talk about, even years later.

House Bill 47 would allow terminally ill patients to seek a doctor’s help to end their life. It contains critical safeguards, such as requiring that patients have the mental capacity to make the decision and the ability to self-administer the lethal medicine. The bill is in the Senate after passing the House by a wide margin. It’s time for New Mexico to join the nine states that give terminally ill patients a humane, medically supervised option…

In the coming days, lawmakers will take up these and many other issues important to New Mexicans – everything from a $2-a-pack tax hike on cigarettes to new high school graduation requirements. The stakes are very high. In this second half of the session, it’s time to get a second wind and decide what’s really worth fighting for. And legislators would be wise to observe the Hippocratic Oath and first do no harm.”