Achieving Truth in Treatment

November 18, 2016

Far too often, without even realizing it, people’s medical decisions are made for them. The American healthcare system often puts patients on a conveyor belt that ignores their priorities and prescribes procedures that cause needless pain and suffering — even after these procedures no longer provide a path back to health or even extend life. Few ask, “What is most important to you, now, in the precious months remaining in this precious life?” People end up “medicalizing” their lives when they would rather humanize it, given the choice.

So Compassion & Choices is launching a transformative new initiative to empower millions of Americans who are not being heard by our healthcare system: Truth in Treatment™.

Truth in Treatment™ seeks nothing less than to shift fundamental attitudes and restore a vision of patients as authorities on their own values and preferences. It will reframe the patient/doctor relationship so doctors can turn those preferences into realities. It will build a habit of asking questions and considering treatment alternatives, long before any illness becomes life-limiting.

With supportive tools and guidance, Truth in Treatment™ will help people build trusting, candid relationships with their doctors, ask discerning questions, and use the answers to make fully informed treatment decisions. As more people initiate conversations with their doctors and make educated choices in line with their values and priorities, it will become the norm, rather than the exception, that individual patients decide how much medical treatment to accept and what to decline.

Please take a few minutes to learn more by visiting the Truth in Treatment™ website. And consider sharing your story of making fully informed healthcare decisions and living life on your own terms.





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