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Plan Your Care Resource Center

Compassion & Choices is committed to empowering people to get the care they want during a serious illness or at the end of life. One way we do that is by helping people plan well and become good advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

Tools & Resources

Diagnosis Decoder  

Get more out of your doctor visits.

My End-of-Life Decisions Guide

Advance planning helps ensure that we get the care we want and avoid what we don’t want, even if we’re unable to speak for ourselves. Use our guide to move through the process step-by-step.

Trust Card

Help your doctor help you.

Find Your Care Tool

For residents in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, D.C., this tool identifies hospitals, medical clinics, and hospices that have adopted policies that support patient end-of-life choice those states.

Download an End-of-Life Planning Packet