Plan Your Care

Compassion & Choices is committed to empowering people to get the care they want during a serious illness or at the end of life. One way we do that is by helping people plan well and become good advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

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Care Planning Resources

Tools to Finish Strong  

Tools to Finish Strong (formerly Truth in Treatment) is an initiative founded by Compassion & Choices to give people with life-threatening illnesses the support, opportunity and courage to live life to the fullest even as illnesses advance.

Recursos en Español

Herramientas para administrar el cuidado al final de la vida.

Dementia Values & Priorites Tool

Document your wishes in the event of a dementia diagnosis
Take control of your future care by creating a customized Dementia Addendum for your Advance Directive

Dementia Decoder

Find the question to ask to get the care you want
Learn how to get the information you need to prepare for a general appointment, cancer appointment or planning for dementia.

Doc2Doc Consultation Program

A resource tailored to practicing physicians, Doc2Doc offers you readily available, free, confidential telephone consultation with one of our seasoned medical directors, each with years of experience in end-of-life medical care.

Do you need help planning the care you want? Or the care of a loved one? Planning for your care is a deeply personal process. Let our experts guide you through it, step-by-step, with our End-of-Life Decisions Guide & Toolkit.

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