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From Inspiration to Impact

On August 31, 2019 we walked into what we thought was a regular brunch. In reality, we were walking into a room full of individuals that would ignite an unimaginable fire within us to provide for our community.

We attended a panel of queer clergy members and psychologists that answered questions that we’d been asking our entire lives. They fed us knowledge, love and mimosas. They shared their stories with us and allowed us to ask questions and then pushed us to do the work we wanted to see in the black queer community; so we did. Three months later, we partnered with Compassion & Choices, Morehouse Adodi, Ladies of CAU, 100 Midtown Student Living, & KraveMyKakes to produce “An AUC Thanksgiving.”

We were able to provide around 100+ Atlanta University Center students with a Thanksgiving Dinner in a space that was specifically crafted to feel like “home.” We produced this event with the intention of catering to students who weren’t allowed at home because of their sexuality, didn’t feel comfortable at home because of their sexuality, or just couldn’t afford to go home for the holiday.

We were able to use the inspiration that was given to us at the brunch and turn it into a fantastic event. The inspiration that we received has been used to impact our personal lives’ as well as the lives of our community. Since then, Larry has worked effortlessly to continue the mission instilled in us during pride of 2019. He along with the help of Morehouse Adodi, have put together a panel entitled “Queer Christians; Am I still loved?” The three-person panel discussion took place Thursday, February 27, 2020, on the campus of Morehouse College. Larry was be the sole moderator for this panel.