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Daily Hampshire Gazette Letters: Elizabeth Bristow: All humans deserve ‘death with dignity’

An excerpt from the Daily Hampshire Gazette letter to the editor, “All humans deserve ‘death with dignity’,” by Florence resident Elizabeth Bristow, published May 3, 2020:


Death is on our minds these days. Typically it’s a subject we don’t want to talk about, but now more than ever we need to face it directly and acknowledge that death comes for everyone eventually.

While our area legislators are doing all they can to provide medical and economic relief for our communities from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there is an important bill up for vote by May 30 called The End of Life Options Act (H-1926), also known as the Death with Dignity Act.

For many people this subject is difficult to discuss, but it is our responsibility to offer all humans the opportunity to live, and die, in ways that they see fit for themselves. As an end-of-life doula and hospice volunteer, I spend much time at the bedside of those who are dying. I have come to know the stages of death well…