Community Outreach

Demand for expanded end-of-life options is strong — in red states, in blue states, across demographic groups, professional affiliations and religions. And people from many communities are united to bring about change now.

Doctors, faith leaders and people of color are working alongside Compassion & Choices to advance our mission. Find out more about our meaningful work below. But we need your help to keep the momentum building. Learn more about our different Community Outreach programs below, and join the action today.

Having diverse stories from physicians, faith leaders, and people of color is imperative to our mission. We want to hear from you: why do you support medical aid in dying? Share your story.

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Communities for Choices

Communities of Color for Choices  

Communities of color often have the highest rates of illness, yet are least likely to discuss end-of-life preferences with loved ones or be aware of and take advantage of palliative care. The disparities that exist are the motivating factor for Compassion & Choices’ increased and targeted outreach to communities of color.

Faith Communities for Choice

Relationships with faith leaders will allow information about Compassion and Choices’ mission to be shared and empower faith leaders to best serve parishioners as they face end-of-life issues.

Doctors for Dignity

Doctors for Dignity is a community of physicians from across the country speaking out in support for a full range of options at the end of life, including medical aid in dying.

LGBTQ+ Communities for Choice

Coming Soon!

Latest Community Outreach News

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