Nothing advances our common cause of improving end-of-life care like real stories. When we share our personal stories, we can connect people deeply to our work, and connecting with people moves them to action.

Everyone has a story, and we want to hear your voice. Please complete the form to the right to tell us about your experience with end-of-life issues.

Some examples of what you may want to share:

  • Planning for your last days, supporting a loved one at the end of their life or helping them plan for their last days.
  • Experience working in hospice, as a death doula, or as a medical professional providing care to dying patients.
  • How your religion and/or spirituality has shaped your end-of-life plans and values.
  • Experience as a faith leader helping people define their end-of-life values and priorities, or being present with people and their families at the end of life.
  • Difficulties or successes navigating the healthcare system while living with a serious or terminal illness.
  • Preparing your or a loved one’s end-of-life wishes in the case of a dementia diagnosis, or your experience caring for a loved one living with dementia.
  • Identifying what matters to you most while living with a terminal diagnosis.
  • Any other experiences related to death or dying.

We know your stories are very personal, so rest assured that we will not publicize anything until we have secured your consent. After you submit your story, someone from our Storyteller Program team will reach out to you via email, usually within the week.

Your stories are an essential part of our work to educate and empower people to understand their options, plan ahead, and take action early to chart their end-of-life journey. We also seek to create a more inclusive movement and reduce disparities in end-of-life care and planning. To learn more about what we’re doing to diversify the end-of-life movement, click here.

Storytellers are commonly featured on our website, magazine, webinars, and video content. They may help build awareness online or in person for educational or legislative campaigns. Storytellers can also help reach a broader audience by submitting opinion editorials and letters to the editor, or be interviewed by the media. In all of these efforts, you will be supported by our staff and you can choose in which ways you are comfortable sharing your voice.

Thank you for your willingness to share with us.