Pride month is a time of celebration and acknowledgement of LGBTQ people we’ve lost along the way. Celebrating their lives is a way of remembering why we continue to do the work to realize end-of-life options for all. If you lost someone who believed in this mission, please share their name with us. Please join us in remembering the following advocates and storytellers who we’ve lost in the past year.

Rev. Joseph Kitchen

“Sadly, in far too many of our churches, we are being given a version of a vengeful, repressive God.” He continued, “I don’t know that God. My God is loving. My God is kind. My God is compassionate. My God is freeing. My God is liberating.”

Michael Saum

“We all have a gift in life, we all have a chance to do something amazing. I will go in peace knowing that I helped give people dying of a terminal illness the option to die peacefully.”

Kari Alice Lynn

“I wish medical aid in dying was an option in my home state so that I could be assured to have control over when I die, with the ability to be surrounded by my loved ones.”

Dan Winter

“I’m upfront about the death I want and the death I don’t want. I want to outsmart Alzheimer’s and deny it the ability to erase my personhood during my last lap.”

Winston Johnson 

“I am angry that we do not have this peaceful option in the South. I hope my story will inspire Georgians to speak out in support of medical aid in dying.”

Tom LaFolette

“I think people that are suffering from terminal illnesses need to be heard, each one of us, loud and clear that [medical aid in dying] is something that we want and we need and we need it yesterday.”