COMPASSION & CHOICES volunteers are required to sign the media policy when they become active volunteers. Please read and sign the agreement below:

I understand and agree that in the performance of my duties and activities associated with COMPASSION & CHOICES, COMPASSION & CHOICES ACTION NETWORK or any of Compassion & Choices’ Chapters, Affiliates, or local groups by whatever name they are called (hereafter “C&C”), will comply with the Media Policy.

Compassion & Choices manages all media inquiries under the direction of its Communications Department. Volunteers are not authorized to communicate with the media without express authorization by a designated Compassion & Choices employee. Occasionally, the media contacts our volunteers and the following are procedures volunteers should follow if/when contacted.

— If you are contacted by the media, tell them you need to call them back and ask for their contact number. DO NOT​ make any comments. There may be a bigger picture or efforts underway of which you are not aware.

— Immediately contact the State Director or Outreach Coordinator with the reporter’s name and contact info.

— C&C staff will send the information to our media manager who will do the appropriate research and contact the reporter to assess the nature of the request.

— C&C staff will be in touch with you ASAP to let you know the outcome of that assessment and the appropriate response. Often, our media manager handles the inquiry, but it is possible that you may be authorized to talk with the reporter. In that case you would be provided support in advance of any interview.

— If you are authorized to speak with a media representative, do not refer them directly to other C&C staff, volunteers, or clients. Instead of giving out contact information for any other person, refer media back to C&C Media Relations Manager who can provide contact information for other C&C representatives as appropriate.

I agree to follow the process of media management as outlined above. I understand that a violation of this policy and procedure may be grounds for termination from my volunteer duties. I understand that this agreement is valid during my term as a volunteer and for 50 years thereafter. Violation may be subject to civil penalties. I understand that I may be required to renew this agreement in each subsequent year of service.

By completing the form and checking the box on this page, I agree to the above statement.