COMPASSION & CHOICES volunteers are required sign a confidentiality agreement when they become active volunteers.

I understand and agree that in the performance of my duties and activities associated with COMPASSION & CHOICES, COMPASSION & CHOICES ACTION NETWORK or any of Compassion & Choices’ Chapters, Affiliates, or local groups by whatever name they are called (hereafter “C&C”), I must maintain and safeguard the confidentiality of all information I receive about or from employees, clients, families, physicians and other care givers, donors, prospects and any other person or source associated with C&C and that in any way concerns the activities of C&C. I understand this responsibility continues at all times during my association with C&C, and continues if I cease my employment, board member or volunteer association with C&C.

I will protect the integrity of all information, and in particular written records and documents regarding C&C, employees, donors and prospects, clients and their families, physicians and other care givers, by using and storing such information in an appropriate and safe manner. I will treat any unpublished C&C documents and information as proprietary and confidential. I recognize that my duty to maintain confidentiality may continue to exist even after such information becomes public knowledge, yet I will continue to adhere to and be bound by such duty.

I agree not to publish or disseminate, directly or indirectly, any information or materials about clients, families, physicians and other care givers, employees or other persons associated with the activities of C&C (even as data presented anonymously or in the aggregate) without first obtaining approval of the specific content from an officer of C&C. Further, if such publication includes case studies or other information that could reasonably lead to the identification of any person, I will obtain informed written consent to such publication from the affected person or such person’s representative. I further agree that while I am an Employee, Board Member or Volunteer of C&C, I will not publish information or opinions about the policies, procedures or operations of C&C without first submitting such proposed publication (or a summary or any proposed oral presentation) to an officer of C&C for review and comment. C&C reserves the right to require me to modify or refrain from making the proposed publication or presentation and I agree to abide by such requests.

C&C employees, board members and volunteers must understand that every piece of information concerning C&C, whether written or unwritten, which comes to their attention in the course of their job must be treated with utmost confidentiality. If this confidentiality is not observed strictly, the result will not only be extremely injurious to C&C, but it may also subject the employee to possible disciplinary action up to and including termination for breach of this confidentiality agreement. Board members or volunteers may be released from their assignment if confidentiality is not strictly observed.

Those who work with the legal advocacy department may be subject to more stringent confidentiality requirements imposed by applicable attorney rules of professional conduct. You will be informed if that is the case because such rules would control your duty of confidentiality even when they are more restrictive than provisions or clauses in this Agreement.

Consider some of the circumstances in which employees, board members or volunteers could unconsciously or inadvertently violate this confidential agreement: 1. Conversation with a former employee, board member or volunteer about C&C business. 2. Inadvertent disclosure of confidential client/C&C information to an outside individual during lunch or some other social occasion…which could be harmful to that client/C&C. 3. Carelessness in mailing, emailing, or faxing information of a confidential nature inadvertently resulting in an important communication intended for a designated individual being directed to an adverse party or to someone who could use this information against the client/C&C. 4. A poorly maintained desk and/or working area with open files and client/C&C documents on the desk, or confidential documents on the computer screen, allowing an unauthorized person to obtain confidential client/C&C information. 5. Release of confidential client/C&C information by answering telephone questions from a purported relative of a client, or responding to other official-sounding requests of a third party, without first consulting appropriate C&C management. 6. Inadvertent release of copies of client/C&C documents to third parties who walk in the office and request them, unless specific instructions to do so are given by C&C management. 7. Release of confidential information through discussions with friends, relatives, or spouses about work situations or clients, which may unknowingly be transmitted to other parties….in any form of communication (written, oral, social media/Facebook, tweeting, etc.).

To emphasize the sensitive nature of working at or being associated with C&C, employees, board members and volunteers should carefully read and sign the following Confidentiality Agreement acknowledging their understanding of the confidential nature of COMPASSION & CHOICES.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: Having accepted a position of employment, board member or volunteer with COMPASSION & CHOICES, I am fully aware of the confidential nature of information I obtain through my position and of my duty to COMPASSION & CHOICES to safeguard such information with which I am entrusted, and to release such information only upon the direction of authorized individuals. I realize any breach of this duty would be in derogation of the obligations I have undertaken and could be injurious to COMPASSION & CHOICES. I pledge that I will strictly maintain the confidentiality of all information which comes to my attention; and that upon the expiration or termination of my employment with COMPASSION & CHOICES, I will never reveal any of such confidential information unless specifically authorized and directed to do so by appropriate management at COMPASSION & CHOICES.

I further acknowledge and agree that, should I breach this Agreement, C&C or any affected party may bring a legal action to enjoin that breach to protect the confidentiality of C&C, donors and prospects of C&C, clients, families, physicians and other care givers, and to preserve the reputation and goals of COMPASSION & CHOICES.

By completing the form and checking the box on this page, I agree to the above statement.