In consideration of employment by, and/or contracts with Compassion & Choices Action Network (CCAN), and/or access and a license to use the CCAN database referred to herein, which the signatory below acknowledges to be good and valuable consideration for the obligations hereunder, CCAN and the signatory below hereby agree as follows:

CCAN uses a customer relationship management database, EveryAction (“database”), to house a vast amount of data related to its donors, volunteers, storytellers, allied organizations, supporters and other contacts. This data is confidential and governed by the CCAN Confidentiality Agreement, which you have signed. This agreement is an addendum to that agreement.

As someone who will have access to the CCAN database, you are required to strictly adhere to any of the indicators or warning flags on a record that put limitations on how someone’s information can be used or how they can be contacted. This includes, but is not limited to, making sure you omit identified people from outreach lists as well as remove these names in reports or documents.

It is important that we maintain the confidentiality of everyone in our database and that we communicate with them in the way they have directed. As such, it is imperative that you:

** Refrain from distributing or exchanging this data with anyone internally or externally.

** Obey all “Do Not Call,” “Do Not Mail,” “Do Not Email,” and “Unsubscribed” fields on their record.

** Adhere to the direction provided in all Pinned Notes on their record.

The above limitations do not represent an exhaustive list. All users of the CCAN database will be trained on the aforementioned indicators or warnings. You should always contact the CCAN Database Administrator with any questions.

Furthermore, every user has been given permissions based on their role within the organization and their level of training. You must only use YOUR login name when accessing the database. Any unauthorized impersonation of a user through the use of their login credentials is considered a violation of this agreement.

Failure to obey the warnings, restrictions or limitations of a record will result in immediate action being taken by CCAN. Actions could include, but are not limited to, losing access to the database and termination of your relationship with CCAN.

Failure to participate in database training offered by CCAN and failure to sign this agreement will result in users not having access to the database.

As a condition of my employment or continued employment by CCAN, or serving as a contractor to CCAN, or otherwise serving as a volunteer of CCAN, I, the undersigned, acknowledge the statements above and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.