Judy Browning  

Judy Browning accessed Hawaiʻi’s Our Care, Our Choice Act and died peacefully at home, surrounded by friends on May 30, 2020.

Kate Vasiloff  

Kate Vasiloff’s father, George Michael Vasiloff, stressed over the thought of suffering an agonizing and prolonged death from ALS.

Kari Alice Lynn  

Kari Alice Lynn is a 75-year-old Illinoisan with lung cancer who plans to voluntarily stop eating and drinking to control her dying process.

Karen Retzer and Robert Foote  

Karen Retzer and Robert Foote’s father voluntarily stopped eating and drinking to control his dying process.

Patrick Macmillan, M.D.  

Patrick Macmillan is a Palliative Medicine Physician seeking to raise awareness of and increase accessibility to medical aid in dying.

Steph Campbell  

Steph Campbell’s husband, Richard Gillock, utilized California’s End of Life Option Act and died peacefully at home on March 16, 2020.