Dr. Robert Milch  

Co-founder of Hospice Buffalo, Dr. Milch (1943–2021) advocated for medical aid in dying for years prior to his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Don Southworth  

Don Southworth, ordained minister, shares about his father utilizing aid in dying to bring a peaceful end to his suffering from cancer.

Jane Brody  

Jane Brody, Ph.D. is a registered nurse with 45 years of experience. She explains the importance of the option of medical aid in dying.

Linda Lotti  

Linda Lotti, North Carolina resident, is living with emphysema and advocating for the option of medical aid in dying in her home state.

Amanda Breeden and Sarah Breeden  

Amanda Breeden’s grandfather and Sarah Breeden’s father, Grant McGuire, died peacefully after utilizing medical aid in dying in Oregon.

Tom La Follette  

Tom La Follette (1963 - 2020) urged the Delaware Legislature to authorize medical aid in dying while facing terminal cancer.