Marcia Sloane  

Marcia Sloane’s mother, Opal Sloane, voluntarily stopped eating and drinking at the age of 98 following a full and happy life.

Gene Hughes  

Gene Hughes (1959-2021) was a disabilities rights advocate who believed that personal autonomy should apply to end-of-life decisions.

Becky Kotzin-Gustafson  

Becky Kotzin-Gustafson’s husband, Paul Gustafson, accessed California’s End of Life Option Act to bring an end to his suffering from ALS.

Sophie Meyn  

Sophie Meyn is an Illinois mother with incurable brain cancer. She shares her story to encourage lawmakers to support medical aid in dying.

Stephen May  

Stephen May passed away without the option of medical aid in dying due to a bureaucratic system to access the End of Life Option Act.

Brittnee Anishanslin  

Brittnee Anishanslin cared for her father, Michael, and supported his decision to access Washington State’s medical aid-in-dying law.