Susan Gess, Pharm.D.  

Susan Gess, Pharm.D. shares about her experience providing professional and emotional support when dispensing aid-in-dying medications.

Judy Rene  

Judy Rene’s husband, Rick Hirsh, suffered a painful and prolonged death in March of 2019 from lung cancer and emphysema.

Kim Hoffman  

Kim Hoffman, a clinical social worker living with metastatic cancer, is advocating for the option of medical aid in dying in her home state.

Judy Berlfein  

Judy Berlfein’s sister utilized Colorado’s medical aid-in-dying law and died peacefully at home in 2019.

Lindsay Menough and Stephanie McSherry  

Erik Carlson, Lindsay Menough’s brother and Stephanie McSherry’s partner, accessed Maine’s medical aid-in-dying law and died peacefully.

Mona Henkels  

Mona Henkels’ close friend, Elfi Rice, struggled with pancreatic cancer for years and utilized Washington’s Death With Dignity law in 2020.