Jackie Langlois  

Having witnessed her mother's difficult death from cancer, Jackie Langlois, a registered nurse, is an advocate for medical aid in dying.

Andy Sealy  

Andy Sealy has been advocating for medical aid in dying in her home state of Pennsylvania since she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cecilia Vasquez-Vigil  

COVID-19 heightened the importance of advance care planning for Cecilia Vasquez-Vigil, an otherwise healthy Texas woman.

Tom Whaley  

Tom’s wife faced numerous challenges in accessing the End of Life Option Act. They had to travel 200 miles to find a supportive provider.

Julie Stroud  

Julie’s father attained an aid-in-dying prescription, which he did not use. The prescription provided him peace of mind in his last days.

Kim Mazeres  

Kim’s husband of 30 years, Steve Barker, died at age 69 from chronic rejection due to a lung transplant on June 9, 2020.