Barb Schaefer  

Barb Schaefer, Ph.D. is advocating for medical aid in dying, informed by witnessing her father suffer unnecessarily in his last days.

Joanne Kelly  

Joanne Kelly’s husband, Alan Kelly, accessed Colorado’s aid-in-dying law and died peacefully at home, surrounded by love, in early 2020.

Lenore Kaibel  

Lenore Kaibel’s husband, Brian Kaibel, who was an aid-in-dying advocate died from ALS without access to the peaceful option in Minnesota.

Peter Fernald  

Peter Fernald, Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire, is living with cancer and advocating for the option of aid in dying.

Jackie Kook  

Jackie's beloved stepmother died from cancer. She spent her last days in excruciating pain and begging for help in ending her suffering.

Barbara Wilkov  

Barbara’s mother, Minnie Wilkov, who died of ovarian cancer, advocated for medical aid-in-dying legislation in Connecticut.