A Gentle Death  

A letter template to write your healthcare provider about your end-of-life wishes

Americans Support Medical Aid in Dying  

In multiple national surveys, across multiple demographics,
people support having options to end their suffering.

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Rider  

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Rider is a contract rider for people who live in assisted-living facilities and would like to stay there until they die

Autorización de Visitas al Hospital (Adición a la Directiva Anticipada)  

Hospital Visitation Form in Spanish

Carta de Deseos de Fin de Vida Para Mi Proveedor de Salud  

Letter to my health provider in Spanish

Cláusula Adjunta al Acuerdo Residencial de Vida Asistida  

Assisted Living Facility Rider in Spanish

Communicating With Legislators and the Media  

Writing letters is still one of the best ways to register your support for (or opposition to) a piece of public policy.

Compassion & Choices Delaware Statewide Polling (2020)  

72 percent of Delawareans who plan to vote in November 2020 support medical aid-in-dying legislation.

COVID-19 Anexo a Su Directiva Anticipada: Documentando Sus Preferencias  

Adjunte este formulario a su Directiva Anticipada, firme y ponga la fecha. Pida que lo firmen sus testigos, de acuerdo a los requisitos de su estado,