The National Volunteer Brownbag Series is a free hour-long educational conference call that features leaders in the end-of-life care movement talking about important and timely topics. The Brownbag Archives include speakers and  topics that are still relevant to the work that we do. Click the links below to view or listen to Brownbag calls.

May 2017: California & Oregon Director Matt Whitaker discusses the importance of public speaking in the end-of-life options movement and provides best practices and tips for giving presentations.

April 2017: Staff Attorney Jonathan Patterson, who discussed our efforts to protect existing medical aid-in-dying laws and authorize medical aid in dying through the courts.

March 2017: Massachusetts Campaign Manager Marie Manis describes how passing local resolutions can be a powerful advocacy tool in jurisdictions across the country.

February 2017: Campaign Manager for Doctors for Dignity Dr. Rebecca Thoman discusses the critical role physicians play in advocating for expanded end-of-life options.

January 2017: President Barbara Coombs Lee talks about what lies ahead for the end-of-life options and care movement in 2017

December 2016: National Storytelling Project Manager Christal Smith talks about how the Compassion & Choices storytelling project elevates and highlights the voices of Americans fighting to improve end-of-life care and options.

October 2016: National Boardmember Debbi Gibbs, who identifies as libertarian, discusses the intersection between medical aid in dying and libertarianism, and how understanding this connection could bring new supporters to the movement.

March 2016: National Director of Political Affairs and Advocacy Jessica Grennan discusses Compassion & Choices’ work in states across the country campaigning for a full range of end-of-life options, including medical aid in dying.

February 2016: National Constituency Manager Brandi Alexander talks about how Compassion & Choices engages and aligns with diverse constituencies.

January 2016: New York Campaign Director Corinne Carey talks about New York state’s plans to follow in California’s footsteps and be the next big state to pass medical aid-in-dying legislation.

December 2015: Multi-State Implementation Manager Matt Whitaker discusses Compassion & Choices’ plans for ensuring that Californians can access their newly passed medical aid-in-dying law

November 2015: California Campaign Director Toni Broaddus tells the story of how the California End of Life Options Act made its way through the legislature, to the Governor’s desk, and into law two years ahead of schedule.

September 2015: National Medical Director Dr. David Grube describes the Oregon experience and his personal medical practice of aid in dying for patients.