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Rochester (MN) Post-Bulletin: ADA protections at end of life?

Rebecca Hopper, who lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

An excerpt from a Rochester Post-Bulletin column by St. Louis Park, MN resident Rebecca Hopper, “ADA protects me in life, but what about death?” published July 27, 2020:

“Advanced care planning is especially important for those of us living with disabilities because we live in a culture that still regards us as dependent, even helpless. Identifying who will speak for us when we can no longer speak for ourselves – someone who knows our values and will advocate for our wishes – is a critical first step.

But, when my end-of-life approaches, if I am still capable of making my own decisions, I also want to know that medical aid in dying is an option for me. Already legal in nine states and Washington, D.C., medical aid in dying allows terminally ill adults the option of a prescription medication they can ingest for a peaceful death.”