February Note From the President and CEO: A Movement Committed to Reflecting America’s Social and Racial Fabric 

We celebrate the history of Black Americans and highlight Black Americans who are making history today in the end-of-life care movement.
February 24, 2021

February marks Black History Month, a time when we honor and celebrate Black Americans who have shaped our culture and our history. There is much to celebrate. Yet, at Compassion & Choices, we recognize there is much work to be done. We have set forth the bold intention of transforming end-of-life planning and care in our country to help close the disparities so that we can all live our last days in the manner of our choosing. 

As we begin to address the challenges to creating such change, one of our primary goals for the end-of-life care and autonomy movement is to realize a diverse, equitable and inclusive movement in the areas of race, religion, party affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity and age. 

To do that, our work must start within. We continue to educate ourselves and use these insights to shape our organization and our work. We recently updated our values statement to better reflect our belief that all individuals should have access to equitable end-of-life care and our the values we aspire to as we engage within and outside of our organization. 

To authentically advocate for and support our community members from diverse backgrounds, Compassion & Choices must reflect America’s social and racial fabric.      

— excerpt from Compassion & Choices Values Statement


And, this month, we celebrate the history of Black Americans and the Black Americans who are making history today. We are spotlighting voices of Black American pioneers — including Dr. Harold Bailey, Albuquerque NAACP president and Representative Rena Moran, Minnesota, among others — who are elevating awareness of end-of-life planning and educating those within their community to chart their own end-of-life journey. Our new ads, (one of them was featured in the USA Today, Black History Month Special Edition, in collaboration with the Oprah Network) are extending our reach far and wide to encourage and empower Black Americans to create their own legacy.

Our campaigns are designed to drive meaningful change in end-of-life care and address notable inequities in planning and care. So, while we celebrate, we are also working hard to support and elevate those who are helping to reshape end-of-life care for underserved communities. 

It is through our resolute network of supporters and champions that we continue to open peoples’ hearts and minds to our mission to make sure all people can choose the end-of-life care in line with their values.

Stay well,

Kim Callinan


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