New Film “Here Awhile” Charts a Young Woman’s End-of-Life Journey

The lead character’s choice to relocate to achieve a peaceful death echoes the story of several Compassion & Choices supporters.
October 25, 2019

The newly released film “Here Awhile” follows terminally ill Anna as she moves to Portland, Oregon, to reconnect with her younger brother and to access the state’s Death with Dignity Act. A difficult endeavor to undertake at an already distressing time, several high-profile Compassion & Choices advocates including Brittany Maynard, Hanna Olivas and Kevin Roster made similar choices when their home states did not provide the help they needed. 

The film stars actress Anna Camp, often know for her role in the HBO series True Blood. Anna, who will appear in our upcoming winter issue of Compassion & Choices Magazine, spoke to us recently about her feelings around the project. “When you get to bring a voice to someone who’s fighting for their right to use the Death With Dignity Act in a state that doesn’t allow it, I feel that movies and TV shows like this can get the word out,” she says. “No one should be forced to suffer. To have a method like this, to die at your own pace and to have control at a time in your life when you feel like everything is out of your control, there’s no greater gift than that because we do only get one life. I just hope that people see this film and are moved by it.” 

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