The Medical Aid in Dying Act would allow a terminally ill, mentally capable adult to request life-ending medication from a doctor that the person can self-administer at a time of his or her choosing, or never, should suffering become unbearable.

New Yorkers should be free to choose how they live – and when the time comes, how they die. This private, personal decision should belong to all of us – free from government interference.

Medical aid in dying is needed because:

  • Too many New Yorkers suffer needlessly at the end of life;
  • Too many New Yorkers endure unrelenting pain at the end of life;
  • Too many New Yorkers turn to violent means at the end of life when medical aid could help them die peacefully; and
  • Too many New Yorkers feel they have little control over their own life (and death) when a terminal illness has taken over.

If you are comfortable telling your personal story of how you came to support medical aid in dying, please include it in your letter. We can’t overstate the importance of personal storytelling in changing lawmakers’ minds.

Even if you have already called, sent a letter, or signed our petition, we need you to take action again by sending a note today.

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