In April 2018, the Compassion & Choices Board of Directors adopted this values statement. We have adopted this statement at the highest level within the organization as a demonstration of our understanding that for our progress to continue we must realize a diverse and inclusive movement.

Read a message from Compassion & Choices President & CEO, Kim Callinan, about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity

Our Inclusiveness Values:

Compassion & Choices believes all people should receive healthcare that is consistent with their values and priorities regardless of gender identity, age, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, wealth, marital status or disability.

In order to reflect the broad values and priorities of the American people, our staff and leadership must reflect the diversity of the general public.


Compassion & Choices is committed to actively working to promote diversity and inclusion within our decision-making, staffing and communications.

Compassion & Choices understands the rewards of incorporating a diversity of voices and perspectives into our daily work as we strive to improve decision-making in the boardroom, and within all levels of employment and volunteer opportunities.

Compassion & Choices understands that lack of cultural awareness may cause individuals or groups to feel marginalized within the workplace. As an organization committed to diversity, we encourage and advocate for ideas that improve and allow for authentic community interaction within all communities, including communities of color.

To make these values a reality, Compassion & Choices is committed to implementing a plan of action to create an inclusive workplace, and will set and achieve diversity and inclusion goals internally and externally. Failure to do so will lead to C&C becoming marginalized and irrelevant.

Compassion & Choices is committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusivity within the organization.