Countless New Yorkers suffer every day the New York State Legislature delays a vote on the Medical Aid in Dying Act. Each day until lawmakers adjourn for 2021, Compassion & Choices will show lawmakers 60 Reasons to pass the bill NOW. Read each reason below, then urge your lawmakers to pass the Medical Aid in Dying Act NOW.

New stories will be posted each week on days when the legislature is scheduled to be in session.

Reason #18: So that no one's Thanksgiving dinner ends with a shotgun to the head in the barn out back because nothing else could provide relief.  

A board-certified internist with subspecialty certification in pulmonary medicine and preventive medicine, Dr. David Pratt served as Commissioner of Public Health Services for Schenectady County from 2009-2012.

"As a physician who would have liked to give my patients the gift of peace at the end of their lives, my goal is to make the medical practice of aid in dying an open, accessible and legitimate option for terminally ill, mentally capable adults with less than six months to live."

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Reason #11: So that a physician can honor their compassionate and ethical commitment to a patient’s autonomy  

The co-founder of Hospice Buffalo (1978) and an internationally recognized palliative care provider, Dr. Robert Milch supports medical aid-in-dying legislation.

"As a physician, however skillful in symptom management and earnest in the supportive engagement of the patient and family, I cannot in conscience dictate when that point of suffering is reached for one with a terminal illness."

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Reason #9: Because I have had patients who have suffered needlessly at the end of life, despite our best attempts to deliver excellent palliative care.  

Dr. Al Giwa, LL.B, MD, MBA, FAAEM, FACEP, is Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

"Dying with dignity may go by many names but the key is to allow the independent and autonomous dignity of the patient to be maintained in their final days."

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Reason #8: So that no family has to watch their mother starve to death for 11 long and torturous days.  

Janet Duprey is a former Republican member of the New York State Assembly (District 115).

"I am not going to presume that my Dad, a devout Irish Catholic, or my Mom an equally devout Methodist, would have chosen to ask for medical aid in dying at the end. But I am certain that they deserved the right to choose their own destiny, and I want the right to choose my own destiny in the end."

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Reason #2: Because those who are chronically subjected to health disparities deserve to learn about and have access to end-of-life options that can help them achieve peace, comfort, and dignity an the end of life.  

Dr. Jeff Gardere is a clinical psychologist, an ordained Interfaith Minister and an associate professor at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York City.

There are too many terminally ill, dying New Yorkers who are unnecessarily suffering at the end of life. There are too many New Yorkers who passed away advocating for passage of this law. We owe it to all of them to provide an end-of-life option that offers peace, comfort and dignity.

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